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Stella Italou makeup team offers first-class makeup services and makes you feel like a star! We will make you look radiant and enhance your secret weapon of success: beauty.

We are using the best professional makeup products including a wide range of pallets with the most trending and fashionable colours.

Stella and her team ensure that your appearance will be exquisite whether you want everyday or evening makeup or it’s about looking gorgeous on your wedding day or another special event.

As our face is the mirror of our soul and projects our deepest essence, makeup is the most important pillar of beauty. Feeling self-confident at a morning, afternoon or evening occasion allows you to be more courageous, daring and self-assured and enables you to realize that you can do anything!


Stella Italou: One of a kind! The person in whom I entrust my appearance for every important event. The person I know that can transform me. Every woman wants to be impressive, I absolutely trust her and her team for my makeup and several aesthetic services such as nails, facial treatment, massage. Thank you!

Anna Achilleos

Thank you for always being there and making us beautiful! Keep going!

Amalia Tirimou

You are the best, my friend! You are a flawless professional and at the same time a very approachable person that immediately earns the full trust of her clients.

Despoina Koutsavaki

Fantastic team, fantastic professionalism, fantastic people. The fun we had was the icing on the cake! Thank you very much Stella Italou and Xenia Siapani!

Zoe Anastasiou Eleftheriou

The best team we could have had at Star Cyprus 2014 Feel Fantastic. Stella always shows professionalism and pays attention to hygiene. During the live show, she and her team took great care of us and enabled us to look perfect in a personalized manner. I highly recommend her.

Marcella Marina Constantinou

Words can’t do her justice. You are a goddess!

Ioanna Aristokleous

Stella and her team deliver exceptional results in makeup, massage and beauty treatments. Her makeup makes her clients feeling and looking like models and she pays meticulous attention to detail. Her warm approach and her professionalism let her stand out from the crowd and are the reasons I entrust her with my appearance. I love her!

Elena Aristidou

I had the pleasure to collaborate with Stella Italou during my participation at Star Cyprus 2015. She is a very responsible professional who always keeps herself up-to-date with the latest fashion and style trends. I was really impressed by the station method she employed during the live sessions of the show. All the girls of her team did an excellent job. Stella was taking care of us all the time and after her suggestion the TV channel started to use camera filters to further improve our appearance and show our makeup in detail. In general, Stella is a model professional that pays attention to details and knows how to highlight every woman’s beauty.

Anastasia Augousti

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